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Voting [Oct. 22nd, 2008|03:59 pm]
So On election day I work one of the polling places. I am a clerk so I sit and watch things help with problems, and I am in charge of numbers. We had a meeting to talk about the upcoming election due to how busy it will be, with a few things that are new ect. So because it is going to be so busy, we were allowed to take the option of casting absentee, so we wouldn't need to cross the city in our short breaks (I may not even get the chance to leave my polling place, I may have to eat there)

So. point is. I casted my absentee ballot. I feel it is important to vote, and I feel like I did my duty this time. Last election I was kind of Meh about it, but this time, I feel very good about the way I voted, both presidentially and on the 3 questions.