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A lot has happened in my life in the past few days. I have now had… - you do not know the true meaning of life until... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Sep. 4th, 2008|11:47 pm]
A lot has happened in my life in the past few days. I have now had all my classes at least once, and still need to purchase 2 books, one needs to be ordered offline, so that will be dealt with tomorrow.

I have already started talking to/socializing with theater majors, and need the assistance of my non-theater peers to make sure I don't start eating lunch in the halls.... I was already socializing in the basement of Sullivan and the theater cafe for almost 45 mins today. I feel the cyborg eating me, and absorbing me, and I am not even declared yet. Speaking of being declared, I talked to bill (the dept head) and things are on the right course for being all set.

I am so hoping this semester will continue the way it has so far academically... my classes seem like so much fun. I am dealing with a subject that I love. I am in a dorm that has freedom. I am 21. Classes don't start until 11. All are very big wins... and on that note I have 15 lovely pages about theater to read so ta ta